03/11/2016 12:02 PM AEDT | Updated 03/11/2016 2:59 PM AEDT

This Cyclist Was Attacked 13 Times By A Magpie And Totally Lost It

But he was kind of asking for it.

Another day, another magpie attack. Only this time, cyclist Anthony Newman set himself up as 'pie bait.

Newman purposely put himself in the line of fire for the camera with some hilariously terrifying results. Check it out:

Why do magpies swoop? The birds are just being good parents, protecting their babies during spring.

So while Newman screams that his magpie attacker is 'off his bloody head', it's actually just being protective.

He also would have known the bird was in the area since magpies only move withing 100 metres of the tree where they nest.

Want to avoid being the next swooping victim? See our magpie swooping explainer here for all the tips that actually work (hint: eyes on the back of your head are useless.)