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Spice Girls Released Their Debut Album 'Spice' Twenty Years Ago

Zigazig-ah-ing since November 1996.

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Say you'll be there.

Before 1D, Taylor Swift and Biebs, there was the Spice Girls.

And from the moment they released their debut album 'Spice' the world changed forever (at least, that's what basically anyone who grew up in the 90s will tell you).

Friday marks the 20th anniversary of their record, which quickly made Scary, Sporty, Baby, Ginger and Posh the fastest selling British act since the Beatles and the epitome of friendship goals everywhere.

"Wannabe", "Say You'll Be There" and "Mama" was the soundtrack for so many pre-teens. It was the Smash Hits era when brown lipstick and grunge ruled... until it didn't and a vibrant, candy-scented wave of pop infiltrated the planet (by way of your Discman).

Yes, there were Hanson and Backstreet Boys and Jewel, but few groups offered such a philosophy like the Spice Girls did. Their songs were more than crazily catchy. They were a religion that arrived just at the time you were figuring out your way in the world (and who was most deserving of the other half to your Best Friend necklace). Most of all, they gave many women today their first taste of feminism: Girl Power.

And so, to celebrate the big 2-0 we take a look back at some of the group's best moments and count the ways we love them so.

1. When they met Prince Charles in May 1997 at the British premiere for "Spice World." And Geri Halliwell made headlines for famously pinching his bum.

Pop royalty meets real-life royalty.


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At the MTV Europe Music Awards In Rotterdam.


At the MTV Awards in New York.

4. For inspiring birthday party and playlunch activities (Which Spice Girl ARE YOU?).

Performing at the Brit Awards.

5. And for being totally fun in photos. It was, after all, pre-duckface.

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Again at the Brit Awards, this time backstage.

6. When they brought us the "Spice World" movie and it cemented your belief that had you just been a few years older, and in England, you would most definitely be their best friend.

Spice Productions
VHS, baby.

7. The "Wannabe" film clip and how, even now, no other song quite transports you back like this one.

Viva forever!

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