04/11/2016 8:17 AM AEDT | Updated 04/11/2016 9:47 AM AEDT

WTF Look At This Six-Foot Snake Eating Another Six-Foot Snake

Australia is too nuts sometimes.

Steve Young/Bega District News
Just look at this thing.

Australia is a nightmare land of crazy animals and legit nature-based horror movie plots. Honestly there's just too many snakes here and it's no wonder many people worldwide are actually too terrified to visit. Just in recent times we've had snakes in a bed, slow-motion snake trying to kill us, snake orgy in the pool, snakes in an ugg boot, snakes hanging off a roof while fighting/fornicating (we're still not sure which), snakes on a train, snakes in a fish, and the debunked video of a snake being hurled at a family by a hawk. That's all just since MAY.

Now, as we approach Australian summer and the peak time for snake activity, we see snakes are no longer content with just terrifying unsuspecting citizens -- they're now turning on each other.

The Bega District News reported the pictures of local resident Steve Young, who spotted a strange sight while out mowing his grass. The man was slashing his property at Kanoona, about six hours south of Sydney, when he came across a 1.6 metre snake midway through a nice snack -- another 1.6 metre snake.

Steve Young/Bega District News

"I was standing over the top of it taking a photograph and my wife said 'you're crazy'," Young told the District News.

"But I said 'it won't bite me because it's got its mouth full!'"

Young reported it as a red-bellied black snake, one of Australia's most dangerous snakes, eating a brown snake, considered an even more deadly snake than the red belly. With a series of photos over some period of time, Young captured the black snake slowly swallowing its prey whole; he first came across the red belly with about a metre of the brown snake poking out of its mouth, but soon the brown was swallowed entirely.

Can't wait for summer...