04/11/2016 3:19 PM AEDT | Updated 04/11/2016 3:29 PM AEDT

A Petshop In Las Vegas Is Selling Wallabies As Pets For $3500

It's actually legal in Nevada.

Codee Yount/YouTube
While you need a license to keep native animals in Australia, Nevada has relaxed regulations surrounding exotic pets.

A U.S. vlogger has boasted that he wants to buy a 'baby kangaroo'. Codee Yount filmed his trip to Exotic Pets, a pet store in Las Vegas, where the wallabies were on sale for $US3500.

The marsupials were on display alongside other 'exotic' pets like snakes, spiders, scorpions and lizards. The store claims that wallabies are similar to keeping a cat or dog.

In the video Yount is very set on getting a wallaby for the equivalent of $A4600.

"I think a wallaby, like a baby kangaroo, would be dope," he said.

The Exotic Pets website states, "we have the largest selection of exotic mammals in the western US. We are USDA licensed and certified".

Regulations surrounding native Australian animals are strict here with each state having a licencing system for keeping native animals. Many natives are protected species. But besides that they are generally unsuitable as pets. The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage advises that male wallabies and kangaroos become aggressive when they reach sexual maturity.

Meanwhile, the state of Nevada has some of the most relaxed laws for keeping exotic pets in the United State. It leaves the door open for people to keep exotic animal like lions, tigers and monkeys in their own backyards.

But for the sake of animal welfare, let's hope wallabies aren't a popular choice.

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