08/11/2016 10:27 AM AEDT | Updated 08/11/2016 12:40 PM AEDT

Pokémon GO: Generation 2 Pokémon Found In Game's Code

A heap of new Pokémons are set to join the action.

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Lots of new Pokemons have been discovered by keen gamers.

Just when it looked like the Pokémon GO craze might be cooling, a whole second generation of Pokemons is about to land in the augmented reality game.

Code unearthed recently in the latest GO update shows that Pokémons 152 to 251 are set to join the game, according to media reports.

The new code was brought to light by TheSilphRoad -- an online community of Pokémon GO players who collaborate in data mining the game.

TechCrunch reports that while the code means the new Pokémons are on their way, they won't be online anytime soon.

"There's still plenty of stuff that needs to be added before they're done," it reports. "None of these newly-referenced Pokémon even seem to have combat moves attributed to them yet, so we're still at leastone game update away from seeing them in the wild."

Pokémon GO caused chaos in Australia's capital cities when it was released earlier this year, with players blocking streets, parks and other public places listed as Pokéstop locations.

One park in Sydney was even likened to a zombie hangout due to the hordes of players descending on the location. It's yet to be seen whether generation 2 will cause similar mayhem.