Bondi Hipsters' 'Brotopia' Brings Us The All-Male Office Space We Never Needed

"If you ain't a bro, you can go."

The Bondi Hipsters have given us an idea what it would be like to create an all-male workplace so men can get on with without interference from the fairer sex.

A new video from the Van Vuuren Bros is in response to (what we wish was a joke) startup Nomadic Thinkers. The Brisbane-based founders of Nomadic Thinkers originally told Junkee they were planning to open a work space and gym just for men in January next year. If their now private blog is anything to go by, the theory behind this startup is misguided, to say the least.

Bondi Hipsters weren't too keen on the startup pinching images for their website and now they have delivered the best response possible. Take a look at 'Brotopia':

The fake thinktank 'Bromentum' has come up with all-male work space 'Brotopia'. Beer in hand, Brad from Bromentum tells us, "We need more spaces for men to be men because progressive society is crushing male masculinity from every angle."

Innovative features include 'easy to punch gyprock walls', 'a fight club every lunchtime' to manage stress and a 'wank dungeon'. Yep.

Here's to fighting misogyny with satire.