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'Fantastic' News! Dumbledore Is Officially Coming To 'Fantastic Beasts'

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It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live ... unless those dreams are seeing a new Dumbledore in “Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them.” Because if we can’t do that, what’s even the point?

Director David Yates has confirmed that the “Harry Potter” spinoff will cast a new actor to play Dumbledore in the sequels. From Screen Rant:

In the second movie Dumbledore comes back. He’s got a couple of good scenes with Newt … We’re discussing who would play Dumbledore. Any suggestions would be good. [Laughs]

After hearing news that Johnny Depp was taking on a big role in the “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” sequels, people were understandably like, “What the Fawkes?”

Aw, don’t cry, dude.

A new Dumbledore doesn’t make up for Depp’s casting, but it sure as heck helps a franchise that is slated to take up five whole films.

In the “Harry Potter” series, Dumbledore was originally played by Richard Harris, but, after his death, Michael Gambon took over. The actor switch got mixed reviews among fans, but don’t tell Dumbledore that. He might yell at you, like this:

Soon we’ll have a new and likely much younger-looking Dumbledore. Given the character’s past with Gellert Grindelwald ― the role Depp is rumored to be playing ― we may even get a love story, or maybe there will be a darker Dumbledore than we got in the books.

As long as the yelling stays at a minimum, we’re all for it.

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