09/11/2016 11:25 AM AEDT | Updated 09/11/2016 12:41 PM AEDT

Planet Earth II's Snake Chase Scene Is Unbelievably Gripping

Run, little guy!

While Australians are waiting for David Attenborough's Planet Earth II, here's a scene that may well be the single most gripping animal documentary chase scene ever.

You'll be cheering for a hatchling marine iguana on Fernandina Island on the Galpagos as it darts past a nightmare load of racer snakes hellbent on eating the little guy.

Episode editor Matthew Meech told The Independent it was intense.

"With the iguanas and snakes sequence we really wanted to set up the feeling that something wasn't quite right when the first iguana pops out, so as to make the first wide shot, when the snakes start creeping up on him, really stand out.

"One of the amazing things about the encounter was that it was shot at such a high speed. So in real life those things are moving much, much faster.

"It's incredibly hard to film them while running and keep everything in focus. But sometimes the focus didn't matter as the moment was so intense."

It just shows, when things look hopeless, just keep running.

Meanwhile, a leading football website has taken it all a step further, adding actual football commentary to lend an extra level of drama and humour to the footage.