09/11/2016 11:52 PM AEDT | Updated 10/11/2016 2:30 AM AEDT

Charlie Hebdo Perfectly Captures What So Many Americans Are Feeling

Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric raises the specter of white nationalism and police brutality.

French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo nailed the fear that many people across the United States are likely feeling after Donald Trump was declared the winner of the presidential election early Wednesday.

Its latest cover features a sweating and red-eyed President Barack Obama running away from two white police officers who are shooting at him.

“Obama, once again a regular citizen, like the rest of us,” the cover reads.

The image speaks to the ongoing problem with police brutality in the U.S. and a widespread belief that white police officers systematically target black civilians. More than 800 people have been shot and killed by police so far in 2016, according to data compiled by The Washington Post.

The fear is more pronounced than ever given that Trump sowed the seed of divisiveness throughout his campaign and offered white nationalists a massive platform. He has blamed the Black Lives Matter movement for instigating police killings and demonized people of color, women, Muslims and Mexicans.

The magazine releases a new issue every Wednesday.

Charlie Hebdo, which has not tweeted since the day militants attacked its offices last January, killing 12, made the Obama drawing its profile and cover photo Wednesday.