11/11/2016 8:41 AM AEDT | Updated 11/11/2016 2:48 PM AEDT

Hilltop Hoods Are Raising Money For Kids With Cancer In The Coolest Way

The project was inspired by group member Pressure's son and his fight against leukaemia.

Each year, 23,000 young people have their lives turned upside down by cancer.

Long, restless nights in hospital watching your child find the strength to fight a battle nobody saw coming is sadly, a common experience for families across the world.

For Dan Smith, who is better known for his rap alias, "Pressure" from Australian hip hop group Hilltop Hoods, it was during those painful nights with his eight-year-old son, Liam, that he found solace in the thing he knew best: music.

"I was living in the hospital with Liam over a six-month period while he was going through chemotherapy," Smith told The Huffington Post Australia.

Like any regular eight-year-old, Liam would pass the time between scans by begging his dad to play Pokémon Playstation with him. Smith conceded, though while he slept, he got to work.

Pressure AKA Dan Smith performs in Berlin in 2015.

Smith wrote and re-wrote "Through The Dark", a song that tells the story of a father and son's journey through two worlds -- dark representing fear -- and light representing hope.

Now, four years later and the all-clear from Liam's doctor, Smith wanted to do something more than just a film clip for the song. Something that would make a difference.

And so, when tech giant Google came calling, collaborating on an interactive film created for use on a smartphone, that replicated a live music experience seemed like a good start.

"For anyone who has been to a Hoods concert, hearing this song live is a magic moment. We wanted to recreate that feeling for anyone, no matter where they are," Sophie Hirst, product marketing manager at Google Play told HuffPost Australia.

'Through the Dark' tells the story of a father and son's journey through two worlds.

"Fans can immerse themselves in the film by tilting and rotating their phone to navigate through the dark and light worlds. It also works on desktop, controlling it with your trackpad or mouse," Hirst said.

For every fan who listens to Hilltop Hoods' latest album on Google Play Music via the link at the end of the "Through the Dark" film, Google and Hilltop Hoods will donate $1 to leading youth cancer organisation CanTeen, on their behalf.

The money raised will help fund a new project called "Side of Stage", which will give young people affected by cancer special access to live music shows across Australia.

Basically, by listening to the Hilltop Hoods album you're helping to brighten a child's day.

Watch and immerse yourself in the interactive "Through the Dark" film here.

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