11/11/2016 1:58 AM AEDT

Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Reveal Their Favourite Body Parts On 'Ellen'

Michael Rozman Warner Bros
These two. 

Two of Hollywood’s favorite stars, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt, brought their charm to “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” this week to dish on their new movie, “Passengers.” 

The co-stars ― truly America’s sweethearts, despite not being a real-life couple ― played a game of “5 Second Rule,” which they were kind of endearingly bad at. Both struggled to list three answers in five seconds, but they did manage to reveal their favorite body parts on the opposite sex. You might be surprised to find out what Pratt’s into.

The stars also opened up about the stunt work in the movie, which Lawrence said she wasn’t so comfortable with. Lucky for her, Pratt was willing to jump in full force. 

“He had to do basically everything. I suffer from paranoia mixed with delusions. So I thought if I were in a harness, I would never be able to bear children,” Lawrence joked. “He took care of all the harness work.” 

“Yeah, all the stunt work, I did. There was about a week where I was working solo and I remember hanging in this harness with this space suit that was really heavy. It was incredibly uncomfortable,” Pratt added. “I just remember saying, ‘You guys better get this together because Jen is not going to do this.’” 

The crowd let out some laughs before JLaw quipped, “I put it on for one second and was like, Hell no.” 

Ultimately, the actress had to put on her harness and do the stunts anyway. “I just complained a lot,” she joked.

You can check out all their stunts when “Passengers” hits theaters on Dec. 21.