12/11/2016 7:44 AM AEDT | Updated 12/11/2016 8:18 AM AEDT

US Anti-Trump Protests Focus On Portland, 25 Arrested

A second straight night of rallies has taken place.

People march in protest to the election of Republican Donald Trump as President of the United States.

Portland has become the focus of protests in United States that have continued across the nation following Donald Trump's presidential election victory.

Fearing Trump's victory could be a blow for civil rights, protests broke out this week in a number of cities including Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York, SBS reports. On the West Coast there have been demonstrations in places like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Oakland in California.

The most high-profile protest overnight has been in Portland, the capital of Oregon, where more than 20 people were arrested overnight.

According to media reports, protesters clashed with police, hurling objects at authorities and damaging a car lot. Some protesters were also said to have smashed store windows and sprayed graffiti on cars.

"Protesters arming themselves with rocks from construction site. Police advising crowd this is an unlawful assembly," Portland police said on Twitter.

"Police advising crowd to disperse. This is an unlawful assembly. Objects being thrown at police."

In Baltimore, it's reported that around 600 people took to the streets blocking streets, with police making 2 arrests.

Meanwhile, large crowds gathered in Denver at the Colorado state capitol building, while there have been protests outside the White House and in many other cities across the country.

The rallies overnight were reportedly smaller and less intense than those held on Wednesday,with millennials involved in a big way.

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