12/11/2016 8:34 AM AEDT

19 Wedding Favours That Won't End Up In The Trash

When in doubt, stick with food and booze. 🍾

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Hey brides and grooms: Your guests don’t need (or want) bubbles or coasters emblazoned with your names and wedding date.

So instead of spending a dime on favors that will most likely be thrown away or left on the reception tables, consider one of the much better (and for the most part edible!) options below:

  • 1 Champagne
    Rhinehart Photography
  • 2 Salt & pepper shakers
    Salt & pepper shakers
    Something Turquoise
  • 3 Mini personalized hot sauce bottles
    Mini personalized hot sauce bottles
    Ryon Lockhart Photography | Geller Events
  • 4 Playing cards
    Playing cards
  • 5 Soft pretzels
    Soft pretzels
  • 6 Tiny pizzas
    Tiny pizzas
  • 7 Luggage tags
    Luggage tags
  • 8 A charitable donation
    A charitable donation
    Zofia and Co.
  • 9 Sprinkles
    Something Turquoise
  • 10 Succulents
    Elizabeth Burgi Photography
  • 11 Bottle openers
    Bottle openers
  • 12 Hangover kits
    Hangover kits
  • 13 Mini bottles of olive oil
    Mini bottles of olive oil
    Elizabeth Burgi Photography
  • 14 Framed pictures from the photo booth
    Framed pictures from the photo booth
    Tracey Buyce Photography
  • 15 Wine stoppers
    Wine stoppers
  • 16 DIY mixed drink kits
    DIY mixed drink kits
    Something Turquoise
  • 17 A beer growler
    A beer growler
    Tana Photography
  • 18 Tea tins
    Tea tins
    Something Turquoise
  • 19 Donuts
    A Guy and A Girl Photography
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