15/11/2016 6:22 AM AEDT

Saddle Up! 'Westworld' Is Renewed For Season 2

This won't be the last we see of Teddy and Dolores.

The violent delights on “Westworld” won’t have violent ends anytime soon.

No surprise here. In a press release on Monday, HBO announced it has officially renewed the drama for a second season. The network also renewed two other freshman series, “Insecure” and “Divorce.”

The renewal was basically a given for “Westworld,” considering the numbers the show brings in for the network. According to the release, the show is averaging a gross audience of 11.7 million viewers. HBO claims the show is even outperforming “Game of Thrones” and “True Detective” during “similar times in their first seasons.” 

The series, created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, and based on a 1973 film of the same name, is kind of like “Jurassic Park” with robots. Basically, there’s a Western-themed amusement park full of lifelike robots where human guests can live out their most depraved fantasies, free of consequences.

Then things start to change when the robots slowly become aware of what’s going on and begin to act unpredictably.

Several episodes in, the show has provided a lot of questions without giving answers — until this Sunday. Now that there’s a second season coming, it looks like more questions will be answered, too. 

The original “Westworld” film showed other themed lands besides the Old West. More seasons means the possibility that other theme parks could be explored, too. Maybe we’ll even get that “Game of Thrones” crossover George R.R. Martin wants.

In “Westworld,” all men must die. Then come back to life. Then die again.