16/11/2016 12:15 PM AEDT | Updated 16/11/2016 4:35 PM AEDT

Indira The Cross-Eyed Tiger Stuns Surgeons With Miraculous Recovery

She was beautiful before and she's beautiful now, but she can see better.

Indira before surgery.
Supplied / Fairfax Media
Indira before surgery.

The tiger is the most fearsome predator in the jungle, but Indira was always more likely to want to play than prowl.

Indira has lived at the volunteer based Zambi Wildlife Retreat in Sydney her whole life where she loves to play but she has become increasingly cross eyed.

A team of veterinarians, human opthamologists and experts were assembled to operate on her today but they discovered something astounding.

Veterinarian Dr Robert Zammit told The Huffington Post Australia that Indira had been healing herself.

"The first stage was to get her somewhere high tech where we could work out what the problem was and as part of that, we found out she had a bug in her. She had toxoplasmosis."

They cleared her of the parasite and then, months later, when they went to look at her cross-eyed condition, they found her condition was far less pronounced than earlier.

"We think it could have been caused by inflamation of the muscles from the toxoplasmosis, that actually pulled the eyes," Zammit said.

"It's a great outcome for her."

Supplied / Fairfax Media
Indira the tiger undergoes tests at Sydney University Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

She also has cataracts and Zammit said the team had found a German company willing to make tiger-sized artificial lenses which would be implanted in the new year.

"I've known Indira since she was a cub and she's really such a lovely animal. We take the utmost care for the people working with her but before the surgery I was giving her pats, she was very calm and is a very sweet animal."