16/11/2016 5:20 AM AEDT | Updated 19/11/2016 4:42 AM AEDT

Madonna Has Been Age-Shamed Again -- This Time For Her Hands

Once again, the media and internet have age-shamed Madonna, 58. A photo showing her wrinkle-free face with her not-so-wrinkle-free left hand has blown up into a nasty bit of ageism.

Isn’t it about time folks got a grip? 

The NY Daily News ran the photo with the caption “Madonna’s hands did all the talking during her attendance at the UFC 205 event at Madison Square Garden on Nov. 12, 2016.”

The Daily Mail jumped on the bashing bandwagon with “Madonna was ultimately unable to disguise her 58 years while watching the UFC fight in New York this weekend, as in showing off her collection of rings she revealed her aging hands.”

The Telegraph weighed in on the Material Girl’s mitts with “Hands, unlike infinitely lift-able, peel-able, Botox-able faces, are notoriously treacherous. To those who like to keep people guessing as to their real ages, the dowager digits will always give them away.”

Age-shaming seems to follow Madonna wherever she goes. She has been shamed for wearing eclectic outfits with people chest-beating how she isn’t dressing age-appropriately. But you can’t keep a good woman ― or a nasty woman ― down. In September, she posted to Instagram a bunch of provocative throwbacks, captioning each one with “acting my age.”

Loving Madonna ― and her hands.