Travelling To Canada? You Now Need An Electronic Travel Authorisation

Don't worry, it only costs $7.

Australia and Canada may feel like the one, big country with a little ocean in between but down under travellers now need a new approval to enter the land of snow and maple syrup.

The Electronic Travel Authorisation costs $C7, which today is $A6.89 and should be filled out online prior to arrival. Before you get mad at Canada for treating us like anything other than family, you should know Australia has required a similar authorisation of Canadians for some time and ours costs $20.

How can we stay mad at you, Canada?
How can we stay mad at you, Canada?

Canada's department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship warned there were scams charging as much as $122 for the authorisation and that their site was the only official one.

As for those already on the way to the airport, last minute eTA applications can be made on any smartphone and the department said "most applicants can expect an email response within minutes of applying".