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ABC Journalist Liz Jackson Reveals Battle With Parkinson's Disease

Her most personal story will air on Four Corners.

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Liz Jackson is fighting the battle of her life with Parkinson's Disease.

Award winning ABC journalist Liz Jackson is fighting the battle of her life and, for the final episode of Four Corners for 2016, viewers will be given a harrowing look into her struggle with Parkinson's disease.

It's the first time in the 66-year-old's journalism career that she will be the subject, rather than the producer, of a Four Corners story.

According to Fairfax Media Jackson's diagnosis came in 2014 with severe symptoms that included pain and severe panic attacks.

She decided to turn the camera on herself and create a documentary for the ABC, where she talks about not really knowing much about Parkinson's disease apart from 'a bad tremor, an awkward gait, and difficulty with handling small change'.

Fairfas Media
Liz Jackson with partner Martin Butler

In 'A Sense of Self' Jackson talks about the devastating effects of the disease on her life.

"Now I could no longer go body surfing every Sunday morning with my friend, Ann. For many years, we had swum, whatever the weather or surf. But now my legs had inexplicably lost the capacity to thrust me through the water, and I no longer felt absolute confidence in my ability to handle strong waves," Jackson said.

"Once I was diagnosed, some of these changes made more sense, but I felt I was no longer the person I used to be, my sense of self had diminished."

Jackson told the ABC, before she decided to turn the camera on herself and make this raw, tell-all documentary, she wanted her children to be okay with her decision.

Fairfax Media
Liz Jackson with her partner, Martin Black, have let cameras into their home to show the effects of Parkinson's disease on their lives.

"They were both in favour of the film being made and agreed to talk about these difficult issues from their perspective. They are rightly proud of their contribution to the final product," Jackson told the ABC.

"I mean, the hardest things for me is being damaged in front of my children and not being the mother that they grew up with."

A Sense Of Self will air on Four Corners Monday night, 8.30pm

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