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Golfer Greg Norman Brings Turnbull And Trump Together

Who doesn’t the Great White Shark know?
Hi Donald, Joe gave me your number.
Hi Donald, Joe gave me your number.

CANBERRA -- The world's most linked in retired pro-golfer -- who has connections to Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush -- has been instrumental in getting Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull in touch with President-elect Donald Trump.

Amid signs of disarray within the Trump transition team, the incoming U.S. President has been busy taking calls from world leaders reportedly, and remarkably, without official State Department briefing materials.

Turnbull's team has spent considerable effort over the past few months getting acquainted with both the Trump and Clinton teams, but it was the Great White Shark, with the help of Australia's ambassador Joe Hockey, who came up with Trump's mobile phone number when it was needed for personal congratulations.

The Prime Minister described the U.S resident as a "great Australian" who wants both Australia and the United States to succeed.

"He is a great advocate for strengthening the Australian-American alliance," Turnbull told reporters in Sydney.

"One of our greatest assets is the more than million Australians who live overseas. Greg is one of them."

Asked why his office did not have Trump's number and had to depend on the retired pro-golfer, Turnbull was diplomatic.

"I'm not going... In diplomacy and policies, you use lots of networks," he said.

"All I can say is, we have great networks, great connections and Greg Norman is a great Australian."

Turnbull -- who had a 15-minute "very warm, constructive and practical" call - fared better than other world leaders who have reportedly resorted to randomly calling Trump Tower in New York City.

Donald Trump taking and making calls
Donald Trump taking and making calls

It took 24 hours for British Prime Minster Theresa May to get to speak to Trump, however Russian President Vladimir Putin was reportedly the first to congratulate the President-elect.

It's a situation Trump disputes.

It pays to have friends, and better still, good golfing buddies.

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