18/11/2016 9:16 AM AEDT | Updated 22/11/2016 7:32 AM AEDT

A Ridiculous 'Walking Dead' Morse Code Theory Makes Too Much Sense


Even in the world of “The Walking Dead,” you gotta have a code. Who would’ve thought that code would be so literal?

Sunday’s episode of the show (spoilers ahead, y’all) featured Negan and his goon squad coming to Alexandria to terrorize the residents and take half their stuff. Negan also brought Daryl, and Daryl apparently brought his ninja skills. That’s the theory, anyway.

While watching the episode, some fans noticed how Daryl was acting super weird. Sure, he had just been tortured for days and forced to listen to “Easy Street” on repeat, but fans think this was something more. They noticed that Daryl seemed to be blinking a lot when Rick looked over at him.

Thus, the theory: These blinks were Morse code.

OK. Whoa. Wait. C’mon. This is hogwash, right? 

Remember: Negan almost immediately forbid Rick from speaking to Daryl. This would obviously be a way around that.

There’s something else that’s even more convincing, however. Redditor radda explains:

I’d roll my eyes at it if it weren’t for the Morse Code chart earlier in the episode.

What the what!?

Yup. A Morse code chart was prominently shown on the wall earlier in the episode. 

Peep this, peeps:

And that has us feeling like: 

If Daryl is sending messages via Morse code, and that’s still a big if, Comicbook.com and various Reddit users say it could be decoded as, “I EAST.”

Other guesses include “6 miles East,” “East of Hilltop,” or possibly a highway such as “I-30 East.” Whatever the actual translation, it would all mean one thing ...

Daryl is telling Rick the location of Negan’s headquarters.

Was Daryl just tortured into making weird head nods and blinks? Perhaps he still hears “Easy Street” in his head and he’s just bopping along. (That’s some catchy stuff, after all.) Or maybe, just maybe, Rick now knows the location of Negan and the Saviors. Maybe he’ll follow through on his promise. 

“The Walking Dead” airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.