21/11/2016 2:08 PM AEDT | Updated 21/11/2016 2:28 PM AEDT

One Nation Senator Rod Culleton Is Pretty Happy With How He Went In The High Court

Culleton says he's 'already won' as the case progresses to a full bench hearing.

Alex Ellinghausen, Fairfax
Rod Culleton:

CANBERRA -- He didn't bring the sheep fleece as promised, but One Nation Senator Rod Culleton has begun the fight of his short political career in the High Court declaring he has "already won" and demanding a non-existent High Court jury for his next appearance.

The "bush lawyer" has represented himself at a directions hearing at the highest court in the land as it considers whether he was a valid candidate at the July 2 federal election.

At issue is the future of the balance of power in the Senate, as the High Court investigates the Senate's referral of a larceny conviction Culleton held on election day and whether it breached section 44 of the Constitution.

This year Culleton pleaded guilty to the charge which involved him stealing a key from a tow truck driver in Guyra, in northern NSW in 2014.

The conviction was later annulled in a situation Culleton Monday described as "essentially fresh air", "you know, annulment, it never happened".

After tussling with Chief Justice Robert French over whether Culleton was there to discuss the constitution (High Court tip: he was), whether Culleton should get legal aid (he thinks a Commonwealth appointed barrister would be like "sleeping with the enemy") and the unlikely prospect of hugging Attorney-General George Brandis to get out of the case, Culleton's case progressed to a full bench hearing in December.

Culleton then gave a press conference on his High Court appearance where he declared "it went well".

"I'm not here to disadvantage the Australian people. I'm here to represent them," he told reporters.

And for what he has achieved during his short time in parliament, he said "I've already won."

Culleton repeated his request for a High Court jury, even though the court does not have juries.

"I am going to have jury on this. And that is what we want. We want a fair trial and we do want a jury," he declared.

The One National Senator saved the bulk of his ire for Attorney-General, who he said was "being a big bully" and trying to "make a silk purse out of a sow's ear".