21/11/2016 11:16 AM AEDT | Updated 21/11/2016 12:28 PM AEDT

The Internet Is Completely Divided Over The Colour Of These Thongs

First the dress. Now This.

Twitter: @positivedemi
What colour are these thongs?

First it was a dress. Then it was a pair of legs. Now it's the colour of some flip flops that's getting the internet in a tizz.

Here's the pic so you can make your own call. Your options are black and blue, white and gold, blue and brown, gold and blue. Or something totally different.

A Twitter user reportedly uploaded a seemingly innocent snap of a pair of Havaianas this week.

The vexed colour of the thongs is the latest in a series of similar controversies that have really gotten people worked up on the net since the first colour debate last year.

Twitter: @positivedemi

That was the famous dress that, depending on your perspective, was either blue and black or white and gold. Then just last month there was the baffling legs that either had paint or oil on them.

There have also been hot disputes over the colour of a celebrity's bag and some check cloth.

According to experts, it's not weird that different people see different colours in these types of images, with that being a consequence of how our eyes have evolved.

For a recap on the meme that started this whole trend off, here's "everything you need to know" about #TheDress.