23/11/2016 7:43 AM AEDT

'SNL' Stars Have The Perfect Comeback To Trump's Angry Tweets

One person has disliked the Donald Trump sketches on “Saturday Night Live” bigly. That person is President-elect Donald Trump.

Following the most recent “SNL” cold open, which poked fun at Trump’s transition to office and Mike Pence getting booed at a performance of “Hamilton,” Trump tweeted this:

Now, the “SNL” stars have a response.

While talking with The Huffington Post about their new animated holiday movie, “Albert,” Bobby Moynihan and Sasheer Zamata opened up about his tweets.

“I mean, I don’t care about what he says at all,” said Zamata, laughing, while Moynihan added, “It’s like picking on the littlest kids at school.”

“It just shows how thinned-skinned he is. And why is he watching? Shouldn’t he be working on something?” said Zamata.

Though, in Trump’s defense, the “SNL” sketch did show he was busy:

The pair is also all about four more years of Alec Baldwin’s Trump impression on the show.

“Alec could be a cast member on the show. He’s so great. We’ll take him when he wants to do it,” said Moynihan.