25/11/2016 1:11 PM AEDT | Updated 25/11/2016 6:35 PM AEDT

It Lives! iPhone Survives Months Underwater

'Long story short. Ice fishing, + hole in ice = iPhone at bottom of lake.'

Really, it survived.
Daniel Kalgren/Buzzfeed
Really, it survived.

This is a true modern day miracle -- an inspirational tale we will tell children for generations. And with the way 2016 has treated us, it is the good news story we have all been waiting for.

It starts when Michael Guntrum went ice fishing at Kyle Lake, Pennsylvania, and dropped his iPhone4 into his fishing hole in March 2015.


"We were having negative-25-degree weather, so me and two buddies went ice fishing," Guntrum told BuzzFeed News.

"We were sitting in our portable shanty, and I got a bite on my rod. I laid the phone on my lap, and it slipped off. Instead of landing flat in the snow, it hit its edge and rolled into the hole. I caught the fish -- it was a blue gill -- but it wasn't worth it."

Normally that would be goodbye, adios forever. But not if you're Michael Guntrum.

The Kyle Lake was drained in September 2015. This is where Daniel Kalgren -- a mechanical engineer from the U.S. and the prevailing protagonist of this story -- steps in.

BuzzFeed reported that he found the phone, cleaned it and put it in rice. Two days later, it turned on.

Daniel Kalgren

Daniel Kalgren

Kalgren found Guntrum's number on the restored iPhone and he was reunited with his phone.