25/11/2016 9:29 AM AEDT | Updated 25/11/2016 10:22 AM AEDT

Taxi Fleet Admits That Taxis Stink

Getting from A to B shouldn't prompt an olfactory meltdown.

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What do you expect from drivers who work 12-hour shifts?

Taxi company 13CABS has officially recognised what many users already know -- cabs stink.

The fleet has entered a strategic partnership with scent-sellers AmbiPur to rid their cars of that taxi stench that seems to permeate every pore and linger in nostrils and on clothing thereafter.

It said it would help "eliminate odours and keep cars smelling fresh, an often overlooked but important finishing touch for passengers' comfort".

And likely eliminate the need to do this:

It is part of a broader overhaul of taxi services, in the face of increased competition from ride sharing services such as Uber.

Drivers will be prevented from cherrypicking the best fares with a new system that keeps the destination secret until the passengers is in the cab.

"With this update now in place, passengers can be confident they'll be picked up as fast as possible this festive season," said chief operating officer Stuart Overell of the fleet, which takes in Taxis Combined, ABC, Apple and South Western, under the parent company Cabcharge.