Cop Out-Cools School Leavers With Awesome Dance Moves

Because why not have a little fun on the job.

A West Australian police officer has displayed some seriously enviable dance moves, showing the nation that it's not just school leavers that get to have all the fun at Schoolies.

The cop broke it down at the event in Dunsborough in full uniform complete with a baton and gun safely secured in his holster.

The police officer displayed moves called 'muzzing' -- a type of dancing that Urban Dictionary describes as "a dance done at clubs and festivals. Also known as chopping".

School leavers watched on in awe before they decided to get in on the action and joined the cop for a dance, throwing their hands up in the air.

The post was captioned "my man" by Facebook user Harley Manning who shared the video, that has since been viewed over 500,000 times -- giving the cop some serious street cred.

Funnily enough this wasn't the only incident that involved dancing cops at the same location at this year's schoolies.