28/11/2016 10:49 AM AEDT | Updated 28/11/2016 12:07 PM AEDT

Malcolm Turnbull Gave A Make-A-Wish Kid A VIP Tour Of Parliament

'Declan hasn’t been well lately but today found out what it was like to sit in the Prime Minister’s chair'.

Declan and Turnbull, at the PM's desk
Malcolm Turnbull/Facebook
Declan and Turnbull, at the PM's desk

Politics is a hard gig, most days. It's usually all about fighting and debating and trying to claw every last inch back from your opponent, so it's nice -- both for our politicians, and for us ordinary voters -- when they get to do something a bit less combative.

Monday morning's domestic violence event, where Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten literally linked arms, is one example. Turnbull's meeting with a young guy called Declan is another.

The Prime Minister welcomed Declan to Parliament House in Canberra on Sunday. The young man arrived in an Australian Federal Police motorcade, and was greeted with a handshake in the Prime Minister's courtyard inside parliament.

Declan is a Make-A-Wish kid, and it was his wish to have a VIP experience in the nation's capital.

Declan checked out a tour of Parliament House with an appearance from the PM himself, getting to hang out in the big office.

"Declan hasn't been well lately but today found out what it was like to sit in the Prime Minister's chair and visited the Cabinet Room before exploring the rest of Parliament House," Turnbull wrote on Facebook.

It's a rare lovely moment that melts hearts like this, and it was also pretty nice to see Turnbull's main opponent, Labor leader Shorten, chime in as well. He dropped a comment on the PM's photos:

While Make-A-Wish also added:

Well done, guys. A bit more of this please.