Breakfast Casseroles Are A Thing, And You Will Love Them

Imagine baked French toast, bacon and eggs, and cinnamon rolls.

Everyone loves a big breakfast, whether it be bacon and eggs, French toast, Eggs Benedict, pancakes, or ham and cheese with hash browns. But not everyone has the time to whip these up in the morning.

Enter breakfast casseroles, your future favourite breakfast of all time, in the history of your mouth.

To make these simple breakfast casseroles, all you need to do is prepare your favourite breakfast ingredients the night before and, in the morning, pop it in the oven and bake during the time it takes to get ready.

Better yet, make a big casserole on the weekend, so you have a delicious breakfast ready to go all throughout the week. Simply heat up a portion in the morning and you're set.

Need inspiration? Try these 16 breakfast casserole recipes.

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