Fisherman Rescues Four Girls, Two Flamingos, A Dinosaur and A Unicorn

You can bet he didn't expect to reel this one in.

A fisherman made the catch of the day after he rescued four school leavers, two inflatable flamingos, a dinosaur and a unicorn from shark-infested waters.

The four girls and their inflatable friends had floated out to sea due to strong currents off the coast of Cowes on Phillip Island, when fisherman Alex King spotted them.

"Whilst squid fishing off Cowes we observed 2 pink flamingos, a dinosaur and a unicorn floating helplessly into the western entrance current," he said on Alex King's Fishin Mission Facebook page.

"Pulling in our lines and moving in for a closer inspection we found it to be four young ladies in need of a rescue."

King told the Herald Sun that they often caught bronze whalers and gummy sharks in the 30-metre deep water, where the girls were found floating.

"We don't even swim here and we're locals — we know what we pull out of the water," he said to the paper.

He also managed to insert some wisdom into his Facebook post about the rescue. "Be safe on the water. No matter the vessel you are in," he said quite aptly.