30/11/2016 1:22 PM AEDT | Updated 30/11/2016 4:26 PM AEDT

IKEA Brings Online Shopping To Australia, Saves Your Relationship

The 'click-and-collect' concept has also been trialled in Tasmania.

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All the fun, minus the freak out.

Finally! Our prayers have been answered. IKEA is going to save serious time, stress and potentially your relationship by bringing online shopping to Australia.

The company is launching the ability to shop online in Canberra from Wednesday. Allowing for shoppers to order their goods, pay online and have them delivered the next day.

Home delivery starts at $79 dependent on location, the 'click-and-collect' fee will cost you $20 and means you can order online then pick it up from the loading dock -- what a dream.

"We've been shown a lot of love from the Canberrans, I think we've had 1.5 million visitors since we opened," IKEA spokesman Michael Donath told The Canberra Times.

"In the new year we will look at other regional areas surrounding or a bit further from the ACT, so everywhere from Wagga Wagga through to places like Albury, Wodonga etc," he said.

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Will they bring online shopping to our capital cities?

According to the paper, Donath said the plan is for IKEA to roll online shopping out nationally over the next few years.

"Canberra's a really good opportunity to test and try as well and learn from the market, understand how the customer experience should be where we have a store and online offering," he said.

As for when the capital cities will be lucky enough to have the option of online shopping at the beloved store, The Huffington Post Australia has contacted IKEA for comment.