30/11/2016 7:47 AM AEDT | Updated 30/11/2016 8:52 AM AEDT

Twitter Users Hilariously Predict The Future Of Our World

Welcome to the future.

Getty Images/iStockphoto
2017, coming soon.

There's no doubt about it, 2016 has been a rough year.

The likes of Brexit and Trump have left many people wondering, is this just the start of things to come? Is the world as we know it starting change?

Twitter users have started to speculate the future of our globe by sharing their predictions on what they think the future might look like.

Although the tweets predict a fairly dismal future, at least everyone seems to still have a good sense of humour about the state of our planet.

This isn't the first time Twitter users have decided to predict the future, this tweet from 2013 is all of our fears rolled into one and too good not to share.