01/12/2016 12:50 PM AEDT | Updated 01/12/2016 12:53 PM AEDT

Shannon Noll and Hamish & Andy Perform AC/DC Because Why Not

But can the show compensate for Nollsie's 2003 Australian Idol robbery?

Cool Boys and the Frontman//Instagram

Hamish & Andy are sprinkling their comic genius around the nation, touring with their very literally named band Cool Boys and The Frontman.

Hamish is on electric drums, Andy plays the bagpipes (yes, bagpipes), and the "work experience kid" Cacklin' Jack is on guitar. It is a recently formed musical ensemble, fitting for their recently acquired musical abilities.

They did it for a while but now we're taking it back!Hamish Blake

In each location, the Cool Boys team up with a different vocalist. In the small rural town of Rankin Springs, New South Wales, the duo paired up with none other than Shannon "Nollsie" Noll. And it was bloody brilliant, of course.

What did they perform? A classic rendition of Acca Dacca's "Long Way to The Top". Hamish Blake introduced the tune by saying they, in-fact, were the original writers and gave it to AC/DC.

"They did it for a while, but now we're taking it back!" Blake said.

Fair play, boys.

It was an eventful performance, Hamish's kick peddle got stuck, a drunk guy jumped on stage and Hamish thought it he was "roadie" because he was wearing a black shirt. But can the show compensate for Nollsie's 2003 Australian Idol robbery? You decide.

Earlier in the tour the team were joined by The Veronicas at the highly coveted Wodonga Catholic College's year ten formal. What did they perform? The same song. Well, apparently they wrote it and it's a classic, so who can blame them?

They also did a sweet gig with The Wiggles for some nurses. Guess what they sang?

The Cool Boys and The Front Man will finish the tour Byron Bay in an already sold out show. I wonder what song they will perform?