So, Australia Reeeally Got Around The #FirstDayOfSummer Yesterday


It could be said that when it comes to public service announcements, Aussies carry a certain sense of pride and obligation -- case in point: rallying around a generally good bloke, and letting it be known that it's FINALLY summer in the Southern Hemisphere.

Ah yes -- December 1st came and went yesterday -- but not without a fair amount of noise on the Interwebs.

Excited souls were up at dawn to get a shot of summer's first sunrise, while others cracked a beer and shared in the cheer with their four-legged friend. Yep, the jury's out and it's still the most wonderful time of the year.

Can't wait to be spending the summer days like this ☀️ @lanajbru #firstdayofsummer #warmweather #beachlife

A photo posted by Kristen Quealey (@kristenannequealey) on

The first day of summer couldn't have ended better #sunset

A photo posted by Jana Doebbert (@instajanaaa) on

Oh Summer. We are so glad to see you! #firstdayofsummer #summertime #blueskies #blueseas #summer

A photo posted by Click Tag Print (@clicktagprint) on

My first day at the BEACH ☀️ I think it was the best day of my life!

A photo posted by Cooper Theodore Spaull (@coopertheroughcollie) on

Hello Summer ☀️

A photo posted by Shelly Gordon (@eversopink) on

A photo posted by Marlotta (@cartinamarlotta) on

#firstdayofsummer #waterfun #bullterrier_feature #dogslovewater #bullterrierstyle #letmeplay #dogslife #summertime #summerfun

A photo posted by Crazy Chihuahua Family (@mowgli_diva_echo_spyro_chi) on

another day in the #office #firstdayofsummer 🍍🍍🍍 #nannylife

A photo posted by lucia_sandia (@lucia_sandia) on

Rest of the world, you're welcome to your White Christmas. We'll stick with beach cricket, Mr Whippy and falling asleep to the sound of cicadas.

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