03/12/2016 8:48 PM AEDT | Updated 04/12/2016 1:34 AM AEDT

Matthew Broderick Has His Donald Trump Impression Locked Down

Matthew Broderick’s impersonation of Donald Trump is just yuuuuge.

The actor poked fun at the president-elect on Friday after “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert asked whether he’d ever met his fellow native New Yorker.

“I’ve walked by the building plenty,” Broderick said. “[But] I don’t think I’ve ever met him, I don’t think he’s ever come to a show that I was in, at all. Usually if somebody likes that comes, you kinda know it, he comes back stage.”

The “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” star then launched into an impromptu impression of how he’d imagine Trump thanking him after the show.

Broderick later claimed it was the first time he’d attempted to send up the incoming president.

Check out the full interview above, and further footage from the show below: