05/12/2016 2:55 PM AEDT

A Hugely Important 'Walking Dead' Negan Moment Just Happened


Up until now, Negan’s run on “The Walking Dead” hasn’t been all “easy peasy lemon squeezy.” 

Mostly, it’s been disturbing.

For those who haven’t read the comics, it feels like Negan is just coming into the show for no real reason, taking out two of your favorite characters and making all the survivors feel miserable.  

How did this guy become such a fan favorite, again?

Well, we just got a glimpse in the latest episode, “Sing Me A Song.”

In the episode, Carl breaks into the Saviors’ sanctuary by hiding in the back of a truck and then takes out some of Negan’s men. After that, he’s captured by other Saviors. 

Negan shows him around the place. It seems like the typical Negan schtick as he makes Carl take his bandage off and makes fun of him, but then everything changes. Negan actually apologizes to Carl.

He does this in the comic, too. 

Image: Tumblr

And now, Negan is a real boy.

In that moment, the villain is finally getting humanized. Now, he’s not just this over-the-top guy who goes around saying one-liners, bashing people’s heads in and making scared kids sing for him.

OK, yes, he is all of those things.

However, by apologizing, he gets some much-needed depth.

As one Redditor put it, “It’s important to show he has morals, but they’re just twisted.”

Elsewhere in the episode, someone slipped a key under Daryl Dixon’s cell door, so he’s probably going to escape from the Saviors. If that happens, it’s good news for Carl.

There has been speculation that Carl’s storyline with Negan from the comics is going to be given to Daryl in the show. If that would happen, the show is probably killing the kid off. Daryl escaping from the Sanctuary is a good sign that AMC is actually going to keep Carl around.

So don’t worry, Carl. You can finally rest easy.

(Well, you can’t rest that easy because the Saviors burned a bunch of your mattresses, but whatever. Good for you.)