05/12/2016 10:23 AM AEDT | Updated 05/12/2016 10:24 AM AEDT

Anthony Albanese Becomes Parliament's New 'Fixer'

Bugger Indeed.

Anthony Albanese takes on a tyre
Anthony Albanese
Anthony Albanese takes on a tyre

CANBERRA – The Shadow Transport Minister is known to take his portfolio responsibilities seriously, but he certainly got down to the nitty gritty on roads as he dealt with a tyre blow out on a major highway.

Anthony Albanese did not roll up his sleeves, but was pictured rolling in a spare in the breakdown lane of the M1 north of Sydney as trucks thundered by.

Albanese had several scheduled morning events so he tweeted "Bugger - might be late to #newcastle#1stworldproblem."

Several people offered advice or were concerned Albanese was risking his life to fix a tire.

Changing a tyre, in itself, is not remarkable event, but not every pollie would get out of the car.

His Labor colleague Joel Fitzgibbon told doubters that Albanese would always dig in and get his hands dirty.

Of course, Albanese is not the first pollie of the 45th parliament to publicly take on a tyre. The government Leader of the House, Christopher "The Fixer" Pyne last year changed a tyre on the Today Show.

Pyne, who has a regular Friday slot on the Today Show with Albanese, was regarded as having "largely completed the job".