04/12/2016 5:44 PM AEDT | Updated 04/12/2016 8:44 PM AEDT

Footage Emerges Of A Man Saving Dog From Kangaroo's Chokehold

The headline says it all, really.

Steven Stubenrauch//Facebook

It's been a big year for Australian wildlife: we've seen a bird hurling a snake at a car windscreen, a huntsman carrying a mouse up a fridge and an emu attacking a cyclist. So, really, should this even surprise us?

Footage has emerged of a man saving a dog from a kangaroo's chokehold. The man sprints toward the defeated pooch. After a brief altercation, the kangaroo releases the dog. The man and the roo' square off and the man swiftly punches the roo'.

Yep. The man punches the kangaroo. Right in the face.

Steven Stubenrauch//Facebook
Kangaroo and man post punch

The kangaroo honestly looks like he simply can't believe it has being punched by a human. After a few moments, it jumps away.

See it in all its Australian weirdness.