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Kid Gets Apology From The Grinch That Stole Her Christmas Reindeers

Faith in humanity has been restored.

A 9-year-old girl who had her family's Christmas decorations stolen from the front yard has been given the apology she deserves from the alleged offender.

The perpetrator was captured on CCTV stealing two sparkling reindeers from a home Christmas lights display in Middleton Grange, New South Wales.

Chiara Velardi appeared on 7 News on Friday visibly devastated by an act that would rival the antics of the Grinch himself.

"You shouldn't do that anymore and you should say sorry to my dad and my mum and me," Velardi said to 7 News.

In what can only be described as a Christmas miracle, it looks like her plea has been answered. She received an apology note and $100 to compensate the family's losses and restore the Christmas spirit in the Velardis' household.

According to Yahoo 7, two men came to the house on Saturday night saying they recognised their friend in the footage and urged him to write an apology that they would deliver.

"To whoever's Christmas I destroyed. I'm sorry for taking your Raindeer. I was unaware of my actions due to being drunk. Don't feel like you shouldn't put up anymore lights because they were wonderful," the note read.

"I hope this letter makes you feel better. I'm so sorry once again. I promise to never do this again. Please feel safe and have a nice Christmas."

The Velardis have accepted the apology and feel it was genuine but will be continuing to bring their beloved decorations inside after dark, Yahoo 7 reports.

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