Actually, You Can Have A Stress-Free December. Here's How.

You got this.

Between the unhelpful shop assistant and the horribly crowded carpark, the business of Christmas can often feel less than cheery.

Throw in your busy social calendar, work, and the impending heat wave, and you've got yourself a perfect, sticky storm likely to send you into a spiral of unfun anxiety and stress.

Sure, it's meant to be a time of giving back. But whoever said that doesn't mean giving back to yourself? Before you tune out, this IS NOT an article about meditation. PROMISE!

Call it a pocket guide for those moments when stressed-out you feels down and out. Repeat the following after us and remember, breathe.

1. You are not Santa, you can't get to everyone

"We often feel stressed at this time of year because it can feel like we're running out of time to do things," Cassie Mendoza-Jones, wellness expert and author of You Are Enough told The Huffington Post Australia.

Whether it's the Christmas shopping or making time to see friends before the year's out, Mendoza-Jones said it's important people realise that it's OK to say no.

"Be honest with yourself and your loved ones by explaining you've got too much on your plate right now, and that you'll catch up in the New Year," Mendoza-Jones said.

2. Work is important, but your health is the priority

The month of December is a conflicting one; you're both tying up loose ends while attending multiple Christmas parties.

"It's about prioritising your output and input," explains Mendoza-Jones.

"When you're writing your to-do list, ask yourself, 'is this my priority right now?' and be realistic about what you can achieve in the next few weeks," Mendoza-Jones said.

Chances are, much of what you're trying to get done can absolutely wait till next year.

3. Book time in the calendar for YOU

"Whether it's a massage, a walk, yoga or even 10 minutes where you simply sit and breathe, the point is to make time for stillness without any mental stimulation," Mendoza-Jones said.

Often we're rushing from function to function, which means when we arrive, Mendoza-Jones explains, we aren't really "in the moment."

"By sitting in stillness for just five minutes while in the car before heading inside, you'll be able to consciously act rather than sub-consciously react to the things around you," Mendoza-Jones said.

4. Slow down, enjoy it

Mendoza-Jones said we shouldn't feel like we need to rush through December.

"Enjoy being in this month, because it can be a wonderful time of year if we just take the pressure off ourselves and practice self-care."

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