07/12/2016 7:42 AM AEDT | Updated 07/12/2016 8:19 AM AEDT

Move Over Pizza Rat, Pizza Possum Is Here To Take Your Throne

'It was holding it the right way and eating it just like a human would.'

Melanie Dinjaski
'He didn't flinch the whole time'

There's a joke that Australia is a year or so behind the United States on many trends. The gag holds true again in this case, with Australia's very own (much cuter) version of Pizza Rat finally emerging from the Aussie bush.

Australia, meet Pizza Possum.

Melanie Dinjaski was at a friend's birthday party in Sydney on Tuesday night when the group encountered some unexpected gatecrashers. Two possums appeared in the backyard, with one making a move toward the food table.

"We basically just stood out of the way and watched it, and then it just hopped up onto the table, and made a move for a pizza slice," Dinjaski told The Huffington Post Australia.

"We started moving the food away, but he didn't flinch the whole time, it just held onto that pizza slice."

She said the possum held tight to the pizza -- which she was "pretty sure was margherita" -- and gripped it like a pro.

"No-one handed it the pizza, it just picked it up out of the pizza box like that. It was hilarious that it was holding it the right way and eating it just like a human would," Dinjaski said.

Guests got selfies with the hungry visitor, but eventually the party soon moved inside due to rain. They thought their visitor would take the hint and leave, but apparently possums have no sense of social decorum.

"Not 10 minutes later, the possum was at the back door, looking in for more food," Dinjaski said.

Pizza Rat is SO 2015. Get onboard with Pizza Possum.