07/12/2016 9:53 AM AEDT | Updated 07/12/2016 12:26 PM AEDT

People Are Weirdly Obsessed With This Super Weird '80s Kids Show

We get it, it's sort of addictive.

We're not sure how this clip of dancing kids surfaced on social media. It appears a meme titled "when someone new starts at work" kicked it off but people are super, SUPER into it.

The clip is from Emu's Pink Windmill Show, a British kids show from the 1980s but it appears the weird (and wonderful?) video might go down in history as 2016 meme of the year.

The video shows kids on the variety show introducing themselves with rampant enthusiasm before breaking it down with some seriously impressive moves.

Perfect material to make a meme with, right? RIGHT!

According to webpage Nostalgia Central, the show was about entertainer Rod Hull and a puppet emu living in a pink windmill.

The pair were joined each week by a bunch of stage school students, billed as The Pink Windmill Kids.

The team at Lush Cosmetics on London's Oxford Street have made their own version of the clip after a Twitter user shared the dance routine with a caption saying it was like "walking into Lush", The Daily Mail reports.

The Lush employees decided to recreate the scene from Emu's Pink Windmill at their Oxford Street branch and it's now been viewed over three-million times on their Facebook.

The weirdly addictive original video has also found itself as a Twitter moment, with users digging up the original two minutes of the whole clip and loving every second of it.