08/12/2016 8:56 AM AEDT | Updated 08/12/2016 3:55 PM AEDT

Fashion Pieces You Can Toss (Or Donate) From Your Closet In 2017

Vale, off-the-shoulder.

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Fashion heaven is a pretty place.

In a perfect world we'd all invest in timeless classics and never give in to fast fashion.

In reality, that doesn't always happen, which causes some confusion by the year's end over what trends will carry over into the new year, and those that will be labelled irrelevant.

"Off-the-shoulder pieces had a huge moment in 2016 -- as did anything '90s -- both of which we'll see less of in 2017," Alanah Pickup, fashion editor at JONES told The Huffington Post Australia.

Cosmopolitan Australia's style editor, Denis Todorovic said while the '90s will continue to inspire in some areas, our fixation with the '70s will officially draw to a close and in its place will come a nod to the '80s.

Ahead, all the trends you can safely pack up and store until further notice, or sell and donate.

1. Laters, faux fur slides

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We've seen some weird and wonderful trends sprout up this year, including the faux fur pool slide.

"While slides will continue to be a trend, those funky fur varieties inspired by Givenchy and Rihanna's Fenty Puma collection do very little to flatter anyone, therefore we can safely move on," Todorovic said.

2. Off-the-shoulder everything

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"If you want to avoid looking like everyone else, then donate, sell or store your off-the-shoulder pieces until next Summer -- they are, of course, very weather appropriate!" Pickup said.

3. It's been fun, '90s

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Many of us bowed down to every '90s style trick in the book this year from wearing t-shirts under everything, chokers and grungy boots but according to Pickup, this nod to the '90s is on its way out.

But not everything has to go: Pickup and Todorovic agree to hold on to the slip dress you've been pairing your t-shirt with.

"The slip dress isn't going anywhere in 2017 and we'll start to see more luxurious textures coming through -- update your selection by injecting a velvet or silk style to your current roster of slips," Todorovic said.

4. '70s-inspired flared trousers

Melodie Jeng

"We've had a love affair with the exaggerated flared pant for a solid year or two now, but it's time to hang them up, for now, at least," Todorovic told HuffPost Australia.

5. Pom-poms

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"Those dangly fur pom-poms we've been attaching to our bags all year -- it's time to park such fads in the year that was," Todorovic said.

6. Band tees

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"Another offshoot of the '90s trend that was hugely popular in 2016, whether you were a true fan or not! Moving into next year, the band tee will be on its way out," Pickup said.

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