Take A Look At These Really Wacky Houses From Around The World

One in Texas is made out of beer cans.
Who says upside down isn't the right way up?
Who says upside down isn't the right way up?

When you were a kid and drew a house it was probably a rectangle, with square windows, a door, and a triangle roof -- and maybe a chimney with smoke and a tree in the front yard if you were feeling creative.

We've got this ingrained vision of what a house looks like, and although they differ from a Queenslander, to Colonial to Federation style, houses usually look fairly similar.

Except when it doesn't. Like, if the whole thing is built upside down, like one was in Germany.

Or when some guys in Warsaw built the skinniest house on record, at just 122cm wide. And how about when 76-year-old Maria Ponce from Mexico built her own, entirely out of plastic bottles!

Check out some of the worlds strangest homes below.

Infographic from Castrads

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