08/12/2016 3:33 PM AEDT | Updated 08/12/2016 7:34 PM AEDT

The Bondi Hipsters' Cassius Is Here And Ready To Push Boundaries

"If I want to teabag a pigeon... I'll teabag a pigeon"

Bondi Hipsters - Facebook
Cassius is the shock you're not sure you needed.

Watch out world, the shock to your systems that you're not quite sure you needed but you definitely did is on its way. And he's called Cassius.

The next brain-child of the famed Bondi Hipsters, Cassius calls himself an entrepreneur, a rapper, a visionary, a thinker and an artist.

"I don't push boundaries so much as make them push and bend and swill at the seams," he said in the duo's latest Facebook post.

"I really hope people are offended by what I'm doing. Finally there will be something that dislodges the sediment in their minds."

It's the little bit whacky, little bit cool, quite a lot of confusing your week has been looking for. And you might not know it yet, but you'll love it, according to Cassius.

As the creator of rule-breaking, law-breaking, chloroform-based perfume 'Sans Consent', his own 24/7 life-stream and the 'Cassius and the Kiddy Fiddlers' rap outfit, he's bringing the break to authority that's just as weird as it is awesome.

And he has big plans for his future.

"Kim Kardashian releases one sex tape and becomes the biggest thing in the world. I'm going to be releasing a sex tape probably every night," he said.

"I joust for my country... basically."

We'll let you judge this new prince of pop culture for yourselves, because we're definitely not sure how to.