09/12/2016 9:53 AM AEDT | Updated 10/12/2016 11:16 AM AEDT

7 Things You're Absolutely, Hands Down Allowed To Do Now It's Summer


What a time to be alive.
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What a time to be alive.

1. Banish your closed-toe shoes

The warmth of the air on your bare, naked toes is probably one of the best feelings of your post-winter life. If you're lucky enough to work outside the corporate world, you're probably enjoying this small luxury all week-long. SAVOUR IT, you lucky devil.

2. Document your awesome (summer) life on social media

The sea is glittering, people are drinking rosé like it's water and EVERYBODY is smiley. So what if your Instagram practically died during the winter months. It was a cruel time. But now you're back and your feed is LIT.

3. Do aaaaall the things on a weeknight

You've officially emerged from your dark, Netflix cave to realise human contact isn't so bad! The evenings are warm, feel doubly long and there is SO much more time for activities. Night swim? Evening stroll? Gaytime run? You name it, we'll be there.

4. Only cook on the barbecue, ever

What's for dinner? BBQ and salad. Yep, your parents did it, so you're allowed to now, too. Breakfast and snacktime looks like summer fruits and you've never been so thrilled about it.

5. Revert to being a child when eating ice-cream

It's hot and your damn gelato is melting! Lick the thing before it drips all over your fingers and the napkin goes soggy.

6. Smile inside when you get a whiff of sunscreen

Don't pretend like you don't already! This glorious smell comes brimming with the thrill of everything good about summer -- THE BEACH! And it's the closest thing you'll get to a time machine back to primary school, actually.

7. Crank the aircon when you get home from work

And lie on your bed naked. With a Zooper Dooper. Maybe not if you're in a sharehouse but hey, if you're feeling game, go nuts.

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