09/12/2016 12:12 PM AEDT | Updated 09/12/2016 12:36 PM AEDT

More Aussie Summer Snow But Don't Panic, There's A Perfect Weekend Ahead

Enjoy the cool, 'cos it's going to get bloody hot next week.

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It happened again. It snowed in Australia in the warm months. After flakes in the last week of spring, it has now snowed in the second week of summer. Parts of Tasmania, the Victorian Alps and NSW Snowy Mountains received a dusting on Thursday and early Friday morning.

There's not a stack of pics out there, but here's a particularly artful Friday morning pic from Mt Hotham ski resort in Victoria. Like.

Over at Mt Buller, they were doing a little snowligraphy.

Australian summer snow happens more frequently than you'd think in our southern mountain areas, even in an era of global temperatures which are warming at record rates. All it takes is a cold outbreak from the southern ocean to squeeze through the band of high pressure systems which tend to sit over Australia at this time of year and hey presto! You're swapping cold beers for hot chocolates.

The good news is all of our main cities are in for a ripper weather weekend, except for Melbourne, which is going to stay a little chilly.

  • Melbourne is heading for weekend tops of 19 and 22 at a time of year when its average maximum is 24. It was still below 15 degrees at the airport on Friday, which was a rude welcome to visitors. Very poor effort, Melbourne. Get it together;
  • Sydney can expect 24 Saturday and 26 Sunday, with a chance of a shower but nothing worth building an ark over;
  • Brisbane's going to be absolutely delightful with 27 degrees all weekend, and none of the humidity you'd normally expect this time of year;
  • Adelaide will have 25, then 30, with perfectly blue, clear skies. Definitely our pick of spots to be this weekend;
  • Hobart? Naaah. 19, then 21. Too chilly;
  • Canberra? 25 and 27 with super cool nights, Be sure to pack a cardie if you're going out at night. Cardigans are highly fashionable in Canberra, too;
  • Perth and Darwin? Bloody hot. Of course they're bloody hot. Nothing to see here.

The snow must have been a worry for Thredbo. The NSW ski resort, which usually wants as much of the white stuff as it can get, is this weekend hosting a major mountain biking event called the Cannonball MTB Festival.

In December 2013, a much heavier fall of snow disrupted the event. This year, the course will be snow free. Those big snow patches which are clearly visible at the start of the video? They're leftover snow from winter, not Friday morning's light dusting.

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