09/12/2016 7:38 AM AEDT | Updated 09/12/2016 5:34 PM AEDT

Watch Julie Bishop Almost Get Run Over By Massive Qantas Plane

She didn't even flinch.

Sky News
It's behind you!

Julie Bishop is known as one of the fiercest, most stoic members of the Australian parliament, but her latest performance shows she must really have nerves of steel.

The foreign minister, possessed of the most famous death stare in parliament, was speaking to Sky News on Friday morning about the earthquake off the coast of the Solomon Islands. She was being interviewed at an airport, standing in what appears to be an aircraft hanger, and was posed a question about Donald Trump.

A massive Qantas plane comes into the background of the shot, beginning to taxi ever closer to the deputy Liberal leader, to the point where one of the plane's wings appears to pass directly over her head.

Bishop doesn't move, flinch, or even break her sentence.

Sky News uploaded the footage to Twitter, with the caption "unflinching Bishop".

That's about as close as you'd like to get to a moving aircraft.