08/12/2016 4:57 PM AEDT | Updated 09/12/2016 2:04 PM AEDT

Where To Catch Sydney's Craziest Christmas Lights

Let there be (lots of) LIGHT.

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It's time to go nuts.

Let's face it: nothing screams Christmas cheer louder than a few thousand blinding lights and an inflatable Santa with a couple of reindeer in tow.

Whether you're five or fifty, cruising around the streets of Sydney to find the brightest house makes for a night well spent this festive season (we'll excuse the power bills just this once, because, well ...Christmas).

With light displays popping up in more and more pockets of the city -- some new, some old -- we thought we'd make things easier for you. So, get out there with your kids, make a donation or two and bask in that sparkle.

Borgnis Street, Davidson

As far as entire streets go, you can't get much better than this one. Turning into Borgnis Street, you'll instantly feel eight years old again.

Houses dotting the street are lit up from 7pm-11pm each night in December, with ice-cream and sausage sizzles to keep you merry.

The street collects money for Bear Cottage, a children's hospice in Manly, with $33,000 raised in 2015. So, dig deep.

Cambage Court, Davidson

Davidson keeps on bringing the goods. This standalone house is dotted with 85,000 LED lights and eight kilometres worth of cables -- so, enough to make your head spin. There's a nativity display, 'Winter Wonderland' village AND synchronised music to boot.

After a successful 2015, residents are raising funds for the Cure Brain Cancer Foundation, SIDS and Kids and the Humpty Dumpty Foundation.

Rangers Road, Cremorne

An elderly couple living on Rangers Road in Cremorne have been known for years to put on one of the most spectacular displays in Sydney. This year, they hesitated -- until a young boy knocked on their door and asked. Mrs Mallikopolous couldn't say no.

Great news for all of us, for this one is something else. Every inch of their garden and home is covered in lights, nativity scenes, reindeers, angels and blossom trees.

Facebook: Christmas Lights in Cremorne
Four months in the making.

St Mary's Cathedral

If suburban chic isn't your vibe, look no further than the CBD. The City of Sydney has unveiled some bright lights for 2016 -- starting with St Mary's.

Feast your eyes on a Fantasia-style animation of the Nutcracker that has been projected onto the cathedral. Choirs will be performing each night until Christmas Day -- hoorah!

The Boulevard Of Light, Pitt Street Mall

Dreading that inevitable last-minute late night shop? So are we. Perhaps a few thousand LED lights speckled through a canopy of suspended Christmas trees in Pitt Street Mall will ease that frenzied mind.

Go forth, shop and be merry.

Lilyfield Road, Lilyfield

Number 176, to be exact. You could call this house the piece de resistance. With 90,000 lights (what?), there's an illuminated roof slash runway for Santa and his sleigh AND a Disney display, featuring the Seven Dwarves vying for the old man's attention. With music, snow and a bubble machine, this is a child's wonderland.

Christmas Lights Search
Bubbles AND lights?

The display supports The Movement Sydney Homeless Outreach , a volunteer organisation that supports the city's homeless and runs functions over Christmas.

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