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A Beautifully Diverse Group Of Women Put On Their Own VS Fashion Show

The typical reaction to watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show isn’t wanting to strip down to a bra and underwear and walk a runway. But a wonderfully diverse group of women did just that, in the most inspiring way.

BuzzFeed produced its very own recreation of the highly anticipated annual event, featuring women of all different shapes and sizes. Among them is plus-size model Tess Holliday, who garnered attention last year when she criticized Victoria’s Secret for “perpetuating the image... that you have to look like a certain way, like a Victoria’s Secret Angel, to feel beautiful and be sexy.”

BuzzFeed’s goal was to demonstrate “the beauty of the everyday woman,” but you’ll notice something else when you watch it, too.

The women involved and their experiences are so relatable, it’d be difficult not to recognize a thought that’s crossed your own mind at least once as you hear them discuss their feelings about participating in the event.

“There are days where I’m feeling myself, and then there are days where I just don’t want to exist in the body I live in,” says one model, while another admits she’s “had a very up and down relationship with body image over the years.”

Seeing these women push through those insecurities ― and look totally gorgeous and badass in the process ― is enough to make anyone want to throw on a fancy lingerie set and take the town.

This video has self-love bursting at the seams, but is perfectly summed up in the first few seconds, when one the models explains she’ll walk the runway in her underwear because “Why the fuck not?”


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