12/12/2016 7:16 AM AEDT | Updated 12/12/2016 10:58 AM AEDT

Bigots Are Now Sending Bacon To Muslims In Christmas Cards

'Special gift of bacon fat for you'.

Lebanese Muslim Association

In the latest instalment of "I can't believe this is actually happening in 2016", people are now sending bacon-smeared Christmas cards to Muslims.

The Lebanese Muslim Association, based at Lakemba in Sydney's west, reported it had received at least four Christmas cards containing bits of bacon, or said to be "rubbed with bacon fingers". It is only one of a number of disturbing anti-Islamic attacks in recent times, which also include the arson and spray-painting of a mosque in Melbourne over the weekend, and another bacon incident whererashers were thrown across Muslim prayer mats at Bankstown-Lidcombe hospital last week.

The bacon, while clearly vicious and mean-spirited in intent, is actually pretty misguided -- as Muslims have stated over the weekend on social media, they aren't scared or offended or disgusted by bacon, ham, pork or pigs in general. They just don't eat it.

"BACON IS NOT CRYPTONITE TO MUSLIMS. WE LOVE PIGS. WE DON'T EAT THEM," tweeted Muslim comedian Nazeem Hussain.

The Lebanese Muslim Association posted a picture on Facebook of at least six cards they have received recently. Despite pictures of the Virgin Mary and baby Jesus, a cute dog wearing a Santa hat, Christmas trees and other Christmas motifs, the messages inside are far from "peace and love on Earth".

"Musys - fit in or f**k off" reads one; "f**k you & stop being racist you pigs!!!" states another, clearly oblivious to the irony of his message.

"Merry Christmas goat f**kers. Christ is King, Mo's a pedo," said another.

Four of the cards either contain bacon, bacon fat, or are said to be "rubbed with bacon fingers".

"The strange thing is... These people claim to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but do the opposite of what Jesus teaches," said one comment on the photo from the LMA's followers.

"As a bogan Aussie (and bacon eater) I think those who send cards like this are cowards and wusses," wrote another.

It follows reports last week that bacon rashers were found thrown across Muslim prayer mats at a Sydney hospital, and the furore (whichturned out to be a bit of a beat-up, as we reported) over claims that Muslim leaders wanted to get rid of popular cartoon Peppa Pig.

But, as has been stated over the weekend and previously, Muslims don't have nearly the aversion to or phobia of pigs that these misguided Christmas card senders would hope. Islamic scripture says followers should not eat "the flesh of swine" (similar restrictions are also placed on followers of Judaism), but Muslims definitely aren't scared of pigs.

"We just don't eat them, that's all, like the Jews and the rest. I've patted pigs, I've watched Babe, we just don't eat them," Subhi Alshaik, a producer of the Barakah Hills cartoon series that started off the Peppa Pig story last week, told The Australian.

"Do they think that bacon is like kryptonite to Muslims.. how ignorant and hate filled are these bigots," said one man in response to the LMA's photo.

Prominent Muslim voice, lawyer Mariam Veiszadeh, has also been sharing images and jokes over the weekend to expose how laughable this entire episode really is.